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Our students send us e-mails everyday with comments they have, advices, and also questions they remember from the state exam. Your feedback is very important to us to improve our course. Thank you! If you want to add your testimonial, please contact us.

Joanne, New York
Just wanted to pass along a message to those who may be interested in using this course to assist in passing the NYS notary exam. I found the course and practice tests very helpful. I successfully passed the test on the first try. Advice would be to do the practice tests over and over. I did the tests till I could get 90% or above 5 tests consecutively. Good luck to all.

Answorth Moitt, New York
I have unsuccessfully taken the exam three times and would like to have a review of my scores. I would like to know what I am doing wrong since I have read and reread the lesson multiple ties before taking the test.

Latanya Lowe, California
Thank you!!!
Being able to take this course, study on my own time,at my own pace was great. When I went to take my state exam, I was more than prepared. I easily passed on my first try.

Anthony B. DiPalma, New York
I originally went to my county seat to get information on how to become a Notary Public in New York State. I was given the "Notary Public License Law".

After revciewing and studying the license law that was given to me...I am very pleased to say that I am happy that I signed up and completed your Notary study program.

Your program made studing a lot easier. I PASSED the test on my first try. I am in the process of aigning up to your Loan Signing Agent program.

Heather, New York
I just wanted to say thank you for this course. I failed the first NY notary exam I took about 4 weeks ago and passed the one I took last week. I studied for about a week and a half and was very confident going in the second time. I will recommend everyone I know who is planning on taking the exam. THANK YOU

Donna Marie DeCarlo, New York
I took the New York Notary Public course and am happy to say I passed the test. I am now working on the Notary Signing Agent course.
Thank you.

Larry R. Matthews, California
Hi, I just wanted you to know that I passed the California Notary Exam on my first try on 4-4-09. Based upon the course work I derived from your lessons I was able to do pretty well. The test was tougher than I thought but I had a good feeling when I finally left the exam room. I did receive several very good comments from people who took your course and some really bad comments from people who took alternative courses. Thanks!

Joseph C. Thompson, New York
Hello Notary study staff, I'm just sending this thank you message because I just found out that I passed the New York exam with flying colors with the first try and I owe it all to your on line Notary study course!!!, I studied for about two weeks off and on at my own convenience and passed all your lessons each time. I've found that a lot of your sample questions were in the same format as the State Exam and this made me feel very comfortable while taken the test. You guys are the beat!!! Keep helping everyone pass. Thanks a lot, Joe Thompson

Charles M. C., California
Your course is excellent and I am happy to say I passed the exam with a great mark the first try.

Sharon L., California
I didnít know anything about notary public; I took your online course and practice the exams many times. I passed the exam on the first attempt easily. Thank you!!!

Julie M., Florida
thanks for answering my questions. Your advertisement of answering emails 7 days a week is amazing. Wish you all the best!

David B., California
As with several of your other students I attended a live course with the test at the end of the day and failed same, I then purchased your course and studied at my own pace and passed.
thank you,

Rebekah, California
I passed my exam w/ a high score the first time.

Nancy L., California
After taking the online course, I was able to pass the California Notary Exam on the first try. Thank you for having this service available. It would have been a lot more difficult for me to take a 6 hour seminar, and then try to take the exam. Plus, your fees are much more reasonable. I'll definitely be looking you up when it's time for my renewal in 4 year.

Shelia T., California
Thank you very much for you website. I'm pride to say that I passed the Loan Signing Agent Course with flying colors. The material that was use in the process of this course was very informative. Also you response time to any of my concerns was Exellent. I plan on telling my sister-n-law about you sight so she can become a Loan Sigining Agent as well. Again, your program is truly Outstanding. I look forward to using your website before my commission ends for my renewel of my California State Notary License in the future. Thank you so much.

Nora R., California
I just wanted to say THANKS!! I completed your course and took the test and passed it with flying colors! I sincerely appreciate your providing me this opportunity. You're study course definitely made taking the test much easier.

Laura P., California
I bought your notary signing agent book and it answers all my questions. I was not sure what to enter in the journal for notarizing a document with two credible witnesses and your journal samples made the job easy to understand. I have recommended your book to all my notaries friends. Thank you!

Dara Frantz, California
Tought I would drop in and let you know that I passed the California Notary Exam on my first try. Your lessons were presented very clear and understandable. I have referred your programs to my friends and co-workers who are interested in becoming a notary.
Thank you again

Karina Romero, California
I recently purchased the online course (6 hour) for the notary public from you guys, thank you. I passed! I honestly feel you have appealing pricing and the necessary tools for one to become a "Notary Public". I have already start referring "" because you guys are great!

LeSha A. Smith, California
I APPLAUD the vast wealth of knowledge within the California Document Signing Agent course. The course was detailed and direct making it very simple., I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this field. THANK YOU !

Williw L., Florida
The notary signing agent-Florida is a great course.

Sheila L., Florida
I just completed my online test. It took me a couple of tries but I am so excited to have it complete. I will be contacting lending companies and trying to get myself established. The information provided is excellent and well written. Thank you for providing the service and I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Debbie Reed, Missouri
I would just like to say "THANK YOU", your online course for the Notary Signing Agent was the best, very informative and easy to read. Again I want to say thank you for a wonderful start in a new career.

Heather Johnson, California
Hi, I would like to know if I could add my testimonial to your site. It's the least I could do because you guys are awesome! I passed the notary exam with a 90% first time taking it. I owe it all to you guys because you broke down the information into plain english. I have an accurate understanding of what it takes to be a notary public.

Kym Young, Indiana
Your course has made it easy to get my career started as a Notary Signing Agent. I would recommend this for anyone getting into the business. I want to thank you very much.

Thomas J., California
I would like to share my personal experience with others. I wanted to become a notary public, and I registered in a class that charged me more than double of what you charge. The instructor used to read all the course materials and at the end of the class he gave us a practice test. I did not feel prepared, but the California notary public exam was scheduled to be taken after the class and I did not pass it.
Therefore, I decided to take because friends recommended it to me. I was skeptical because this course is inexpensive when compared to other courses. I started your course and it was easy to read and what I liked most was that I get many questions in each lesson to practice. Every time I took a practice test the questions and answers went randomly making me to practice until I fully understood the concepts. Your course is well developed and it prepared me to pass the California Notary Exam. Your course helped me not only to pass the exam, but also taught me to understand all the concepts to become a first-class notary public!

Grover Taylor, New York
I struggled with and failed the New York State exam, the first time that I took it. I prepared for the exam by just studying the regulations. After failing the exam, I researched notary public courses on the internet, and decided to try I felt more prepared when I took the course the second time and was happy when I received the notice that I passed. Thank you.


Frank Johnson, Massachusetts

Yzette Lipton, New York
I've taken three (3) notary classes in the past. Each class required several hours of classroom time. I took the test after the second class. I did not pass. I took a third class. Still not feeling quite prepared for the exam I signed up for the Notary online course. After only about four (4) weeks of study at my own pace, in the comfort of my own home and by either reading the material myself or having the Notary voice read it to me I've passed the exam with flying colors. While you do not receive an actual score on the exam (you only receive pass or fail) I knew each question that was asked and leaving the exam, I knew I had passed. I highly reccommend this course. I researched other online courses and this was the best bet for the price. You have access to the study material for three (3) months. Other sites only offer one (1) month and the cost is much more. Thank you Notary

Librada Alvarez, New York
I just found out I passed the New York Notary Exam, thanks to your online course. I saved a lot of money because I did'nt have to pay $175 dollars for a seminar.
Once again THANK YOU

Veronica Sanchez, California
At first I was skeptical about taking this course online. I thought the price was to good to be true. Other courses online and live are double or even triple the price. It was user friendly, easy and even fun to take. I've recommended numerous people to this course and I am sure anyone can pass the notary exam after taking this course offered by!

Silvia Monning, New York
Your on-time response to my e-mails gratified the disappointment I previously experienced with other online courses.

Michael Demeire, New York
I liked listening to the chapters and practicing what I learned with the quizzes and exams. Thanks your course I was able to pass the NY Exam on the first try.

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