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Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to put my name on find a notary list with The membership is free.

Why is important to be included in find a notary? Our notary search is advertised on many search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. If your name is on our list, you will have a good chance of being called for your services.

What steps do I follow to subscribe? Simply click Subscribe Free Here; fill out the form and click "List your services in find a notary".

I do not remember my log in information, what should I do?
Click “Lost password” under MEMBERS LOGIN or click “Contact Us” and we will email it to you.

What can I do if I forgot to write something important in my find a notary description? You can modify your information by yourself; just log in, click on "my profile", make changes in notary search, and click "submit".

What I should do if I do not want to continue advertising my name on your find a notary? Please click here and let us know.

Can I advertise my name if I am not a Notary Public or my commission is expired? No, it is a misdemeanor for any person to give the impression that he or she is a commissioned notary and to act as or advertise under the title Notary Public without a commission.

If does not charge a fee for the find a notary public or notary signing agent search, how does the company earn money? Most of our subscribers are or were students in our online courses, and we give them the free notary search service as a way to say thank you.


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