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Michigan - Changes to the Michigan notary public act, effective April 1, 2007
  2006 PA 510 Effective April 1, 2007
Again amended MCL 55.271
Section 11(1)(f) adds a new provision allowing applicants for a notary public commission, who are licensed attorneys in Michigan, to not have to file a surety bond with the county clerk.
Again amended MCL 55.273
Changes to Section 13(3) state that a bond must be filed with the county clerk only if applicable. (Licensed Michigan attorneys are exempt from filing a bond.)
Again amended MCL 55.275
Section 15(1)(c) states that the secretary of state receive proof that the oath was administered and, if applicable, a bond was filed with the county clerk.
Again amended MCL 55.279
A new Section 19(3) was added which requires the secretary of state to send a reappointment application form to licensed attorneys who are notaries public at least 90 days before the expiration of their current appointment. By certifying their continued status as licensed attorneys, they are exempt from filing a bond and taking an oath with the county clerk, and may file directly with the secretary of state for a new notary public commission.

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