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State: Florida
Florida Notary Signing Agent Home Study Course (book and journal only)
Number of lessons: 1 Test: off Cost: $39
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Loan Signing Home Study Course $39

  • You are already a notary public – why not become a certified notary signing agent and earn more money?
  • Study at your own pace.
  • The course will prepare you to understand what you really need to as a notary signing agent with samples of loan documents.
  • We offer a list of websites to enlist your services

Questions & Answers


What do I get after paying $39?

You will get all of the following:

1. The Home Study Notary Signing Agent book

2. The Official Notary Public Journal click here

3. Enlist in our notary search free click here

4. Email support 7 days a week click here

5. Participate in our forum click here


What does the Notary Signing Agent Home Study Course consists of?

The notary signing agent home study course is written for all notaries that decide to become notary signing agents. The book teaches you all the steps you need to know in order to work as a notary signing agent.


What is a notary signing agent?

A notary signing agent is a notary public who specializes in handling and notarizing loan papers.


As a notary public what are the benefits in becoming a notary signing agent?

As a notary public you will have more benefits because you will be preparing to work with mortgage or title companies in assisting to close real-estate loans.


How long will it take me to study to become a certified notary signing agent?

That question depends on you; you can study the book in one day or over a longer period if you wish.


This Home study course includes the certification exam?

No, the Loan signing certification exam is paid separate, after log in please click your state and look for the Certification Exam.


How can I pay for this home study course?

You can pay with any credit card, Paypal, check or money order.


If I send a check or money order will it cost me more? Where do I have to send it? NO, if you pay by check or money order you will pay the same 39 dollars. You have to send it to: P.O. Box 793 Loma Linda, California  92354. In a piece of paper write your name and mailing address. After processing your registration, we will send you the Home Study Course by priority mail within 2-4 business days. No extra payment is required for Shipping and handling.


Is my credit card transaction secure when I register online?

Yes, uses a secure transaction system using SSL and encryption technology. does not retain your credit card information after your registration has been completed. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.


Can my company pay for this home study course? Yes, your company can pay for this home study course, or any friend or family member can pay for this course, as long as the registration form is in your name. The certificate of completion will show the name given on the registration form.


Why is it important to be certified?

It is important because notaries who are certified have an advantage over notaries who are not. Companies prefer notaries with the highest training and skills.


Do I need a license to become a notary signing agent?

You need to be a notary public, but you don’t need any special license to become a notary signing agent. We recommend taking the course because you will be trained for the loan signing process.


I am not a notary public yet. Can I take the home notary signing agent course first?

Yes, you can take the course, but in order to work as a notary signing agent you must be first a notary public. Therefore, we recommend becoming a notary public first.


Does offer a certification exam?

Yes, click on your state and look for the loan signing agent certification exam.


I want to be included on your notary search list, what do I have to do?

Please click here for more information.


I have further questions, how can I contact you?

For further questions, please click here.  We reply to all e-mails everyday, 7 days a week.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1   Becoming a Notary Public

Notary Public Definition

5 Characteristics of a Notary Public



Term of Office

Jurisdiction of a Notary Public

Notary Public Bonds

Surety Bond

Errors and Omissions Insurance


Chapter 2   Notary Acts


Identity Verification

Notary Acknowledgment Responsibilities


Providing Certified Copies of Power of Attorney


Chapter 3   Identification of the Signer

Personal Knowledge

Satisfactory Evidence

Identification (ID)

Credible Identifying Witness

One Credible Identifying Witness

Two Credible Identifying Witnesses


Chapter 4   Notary Practice

Notary Seal

Seal Purchase or Replacement

Seal Description

Shape of the Seal

Sample of a Notary Seal

Stamp Legibility

Notarization of Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, or Deed of Trust

Sample Deed of Trust Journal entry using 2 Credible Witnesses

Surrendering the Journal to an Employer upon Termination of Employment

Photocopies of Lines Items

Employer Examinations of Journals

Notary Fees, Fines and Penalties


Essential Information for a Notary

Incomplete Documents

Notary Interest

Notary Refusal of Service

Notarization of Minors

Unauthorized Practices of Law

Documents in Other Languages


Chapter 5

Description of a Notary Signing Agent

Overall Duties of Notary Signing Agents

Becoming a Notary Signing Agent

Injury and Damages


Working Place


Chapter 6   Working for Loan Signing Companies or Working Directly with Lenders

Employment with Loan Signing Company

Working Directly with Lenders

Independent Contractor Agreement

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement


Fax Machine

Cellular Phone

Personal Business Cards

Locating Mortgage and Title Companies

Creating a Website

Advertising on the Web Sample Search

Drawn Sample Registration


Chapter 7   Mortgage Loans

What is a Mortgage?

Types of Mortgages

Obtaining a Mortgage

Required Documents

Analyzing Borrower Information

Mortgage Fees

Market Value of the Property


Chapter 8   Description of a Loan Signing Agent’s Activities

Lenders Looking for notary Signing Agents

Receiving the Assignment

Sample Assignment Form

Receiving Documents

Email, Fax or Download it


Pick Up Documents

Delivery to the Borrower

Contacting the Borrower

Should I Save all Documents or Write Down the List of Documents I Received?


Chapter 9   Important Information to Discuss When Contacting the Borrower

Verify Borrower’s Name

Comply with Lender’s Instructions

Confirm the Signing Location and Time

Verify Borrower’s Phone Number

Ask the Borrower to Have an ID

Borrower Does Not have and ID

Questions Relate to the Loan

Borrower Received Documents

Preparing the Documents Package to Be Signed

Maintain Same Order of Documents

Confirm Dates

Use Sticky Notes for Places to Be Signed and Initials

Verify All Documents are Complete

Blank Spaces and Type Errors

Review the Three Days’ Right to Cancel Document

Verify Lender’s Instructions

Verify Signing Location an Arrive On Time

Return Instructions


Chapter 10   Step by Step What to Do When the Signing Agent Meets the Borrower

Using Time Wisely

Arriving at the Signing Location

Dress Appropriately

Meeting the Borrower

Look for Appropriate Place for the Signings to take Place

Identifying the Signer(s)

Collecting Photocopies, check, etc

Show All Documents to Be Signed

Journal Entries

Sample Journal Entries

Signing the Documents

Should a Notary Signing Agent Advise the Borrower?

Reviewing All Documents

What If the Borrower does Not Want to Sign?

What to do if Mistakes Were Made?


Chapter 11   Returning Documents

Invoicing the Lender

Keeping Track of Invoices

Computer or Notebook

The Use of Folders


Chapter 12   Mortgage Documents

The Note

Sample Note

Settlement Statement

Sample Settlement Statement

Affidavit of Occupancy

Sample Affidavit of Occupancy

Deed of Trust

Sample Deed of Trust

Notice of Right to Cancel

Sample Notice of Right to Cancel

The Truth in Lending Disclosure

Sample Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement

W9 Tax Form

Sample W9 Tax Form

Housing Financial discrimination Act

Sample Housing Financial Discrimination Act

Requested Copy of Transcript of Tax Form 4506

Sample Tax form 4506

The Uniform Residential Loan Application Form 1003

Sample Uniform Residential Loan Application

Sample Signature Certification/Affidavit

Sample Settlement Agent Closing Instructions, Escrow Closing

Sample Provider of Settlement Service Disclosure

Sample Document correction Agreement


Practice Exam

Practice Exam and Answer Key

Companies Seeking to Hire Notary Signing Agents

Notary Public Offices By State

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