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State: Louisiana
Louisiana Notary Signing Agent Certification Exam
Number of lessons: 1 Test: on Cost: $29
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Louisiana Notary Signing Agent Certification Exam


Sample certification click here


How much does it cost to take the California certification exam for notary signing agent?

It only costs $29


What should I do to take the California certification exam?

If you are not registered with us, click on register now.  If you are already registered, log in as usual and click on your state, click the California notary signing agent certification exam and click pay here.


How is the exam formatted and how much time do I have?

The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and you have one hour to take the whole exam.


What is the passing score for this exam?

The passing score is 75 percent (75%) of correct answers or higher. After completing and submitting your exam, you will get your score, immediately.


How do I get my California Notary Signing Agent Certification after passing with 75% score or higher?

After passing the exam with 75% or higher, you will receive a certificate with your name on it within 3-5 business days at no extra cost. click here


Can I take the certification exam several times?

Yes, you can take the exam up to 3 times. This means that if you do not pass it on the first attempt, you will get 2 more chances to score 75% or higher.


What happens if I do not pass the exam either on the second or third attempt? If you do not pass within the first 3 attempts, but still you want to become certified, then you will have to pay again in order to get 3 new chances to pass the certification exam.


Can two people take the same certification exam?

No, they cannot. The certificate will be issued and valid for one person only.


Why is it important to be certified?

It is important because notaries public who hold a certification have an advantage over notaries who do not. Given that companies may prefer to hire notaries with additional training skills.


Do I need a license to become a California certified notary signing agent?

You need to be a California notary public, but you donít need any special license to become a notary signing agent. We recommend taking the course because you will be prepared for the loan signing process.


I am not a California notary public. Can I take the notary signing agent certification exam?

Yes, you can take the California notary exam to become certified, but in order to work as a notary signing agent you must be a notary public.


After passing the exam with 75% or more, when will I receive my certificate?

You will receive it about 3-5 days after we have received your score of 75% or more, by mail at no extra charge.


Will there be any extra charge to receive the certification by mail?

No, the mail charges are included in your $29 registration fee.


If I send a check or money order by mail will it cost me more than paying online? Where do I have to send my payment to?

If you pay by check or money order you will pay the same online fee of $29. You will send your payment to: P.O. Box 793 Loma Linda, California  92354.


Do I need to fill out any form to send it by mail?

No, just click here Register now  and fill out the information required, Then, in a piece of paper write your name, e-mail, phone number and a check or money order for the amount of $29, payable to and send it to this address: P.O. Box 793, Loma Linda, CA  92354. After receiving your payment, youíll receive an e-mail from us about how to take the certification notary signing agent exam.  


I want to be in your notary search list, what I have to do?

Please click here for more information.


How much can I charge as a notary signing agent?

Usually, notary signing agents who work for financial institutions receive $70 or more for every loan package signed. Moreover, if they work directly with mortgage lenders, title or escrow companies, they can receive between $150 and $250 for each loan package signed. These figures may go up when the signing agent have to include the travel expense.


I have further questions, how can I contact you?

We answer all emails 7 days a week, please click here.

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