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State: New York
New York Notary Public Preparation Course
Number of lessons: 11 Test: off Cost: $29
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New York Notary Classes Online $29


- offers an online preparation class to assist you in passing  the New York Notary Public Exam.

- Practice with true/false questions after each chapter.

- Practice more than 200 questions similar to the New York Notary Public Exam.

- Practice quizzes and exams, as many times as you want; you will receive an immediate response each time.

- Unlimited access for 6 months.


Questions & ANSWERS


What do I get after paying $ 29? After paying $ 29 you will get:

1.  6 months unlimited access to our online course.

2.  Enlist in our notary search free click here

3.  Email support 7 days a week click here

4.  Participate in our forum click here


List of County Clerks, address and telephone numbers click here


Where can I take the New York notary public exam?

Click here for a location near you.


Where can I get the New York notary public application?

This application is not suitable for downloading. Individuals who pass the notary public examination will be mailed a notary public application with their examination results.


What do I have to do to become a Notary in New York ? You have to pass the New York Notary Public Exam and register to the County Clerk.


What does online course consist of? This online course is based on the New York Notary Public Handbook. To facilitate understanding, the course is divided into ten lessons. The student can read, practice more than 200 true and false and multiple choice questions, which are similar to the New York Notary Public Official Exam.


Do I need any special configuration on my computer or online connection to use this website? No, if you can read these Qs & As, you are ready to register and take this online study.


Do you think that if I practice these quizzes and tests I will have a good chance of passing the New York  Notary official exam? Yes, if you practice the quizzes and exams, which have automatic responses, you will be more than ready to pass the exam!


Why is online better than taking traditional classes? Usually, traditional classes include 3 or 4 hours of instruction, and the time for practice exams is limited. With, you can practice as many times as you want! (24/7 for 4 months)


Can I practice the quizzes and exams many times? Yes, quizzes and exams are programmed to be used as many times as you want; after taking the quiz and/or exam, just press the send option, and you will receive the results right away. You may retake them, for practice as many times as you need. The key to passing the exam is practice.


How long is the log in time? When you enroll in the class, you’ll write your username and password instantly, then you are entitled to use it 24/7 for 4 months. This time is enough for you to take the class, practice the quizzes and exams, and be prepared for the NY Notary Public Official Exam.


Why does your online course cost so much less than others? Usually Notary Public classes cost about $70 or more, but our incredible price is only  US $29, because our staff believes that our good service at a low price will attract more members, who will, in turn, refer more customers to us.


How will I receive my username and password after registration? After you register, you will type your own username and password; then you may use it to log in. If you have any problem with the registration process, please contact us, and we will resolve it ASAP.


Is my credit card transaction secure when I register? Yes, uses a secure transaction using SSL and encryption technology. does not retain your credit card information after your registration has been completed. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


If I send a check or money order will it cost me more? Where  do I have to send it? No, if you pay by check or money order you will pay the same 29 dollars. You have to send it to: P.O. Box 793  -  Loma Linda, California  92354.


Do I need to fill out any form to send it by mail? No, just click here Register now  and fill out the information required. Then, in a piece of paper write your name, e-mail, phone number and a check or money order for the amount of $29.00, payable to and send it to this address: P.O. Box 793, Loma Linda, CA  92354. After receiving your payment, you’ll receive an e-mail from us about how to begin with the course. 


Can I take the New York notary official exam online? No, the official Notary Public exam is NOT offered online by the State of New York.


Can I register online for the New York notary public official exam? No, the official exam can't be register online, mail or phone it has to be register at the test center. Click here for exam information and locations


How much does the New York Notary Public Exam cost, and how many times can I take it? The fee for the official exam is $15, You can retake the exam several times until you pass it with 70% or greater.


What does the New York Notary Public Exam consist of? The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and the time allowed is 60 minutes.

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