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State: New York
New York Notary Public Preparation Course
Number of lessons: 11 Test: off Cost: $29
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New York Notary Classes Online $29


- offers an online preparation class to assist you in passing  the New York Notary Public Exam.

- Practice with true/false questions after each chapter.

- Practice more than 200 questions similar to the New York Notary Public Exam.

- Practice quizzes and exams, as many times as you want; you will receive an immediate response each time.

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State: New York
Number of lessons: 13 Test: on Cost: $89
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- You are already a notary public - why not become a certified notary signing agent and earn more money?

- offers an online preparation course to assist you in becoming a certified notary signing agent.

- The Course will prepare you to understand what you really need to as a notary signing agent.

- We offer a list of List of website to enlist your services.

- There are 30 multiple choice questions, with a passing grade of 75% required in order to receive a notary signing agent certificate by mail.

- Sample of many loan documents.

- This course includes the notary signing agent certification exam.


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What do I get after paying $89?

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State: New York
New York Notary Signing Agent Certification Exam
Number of lessons: 1 Test: on Cost: $29
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This exam is for all notaries who took the home study notary signing agent certification course and want to become certified. Sample certificate


How much does it cost to take certification exam for notary signing agent?

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