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Contact name: Notary
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We welcome any question you may have about training, forms of payment, login troubleshooting, etc. Our staff answers all emails daily (7 days a week).
Note:If you do not receive an e-mail from us, please check your bulk and/or spam folders. .
Tambien puedes escribirnos en Español, contestamos los 7 dias de la semana

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Questions and Answers

I clicked “Contact us” to send you a message, but I did not receive a response.
We answer all e-mails we receive. If you do not see a response e-mail in your inbox folder, please check your spam or bulk folder. If you discover our e-mail in your spam or bulk folder, give it a right mouse click and select “this is not a spam email.”

My spam and bulk folder are empty, I can’t find your email.
You have to modify your email account and write us back to resend the email.

If you have a yahoo account please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your email and log in
  2. Click My account and write your password
  3. Click mail in options
  4. Click spam protection
  5. In spam filter click save these messages in the bulk folder for
  6. Click don’t block any images in image blocking

If you have a hotmail account please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your hotmail email and log in
  2. Click options
  3. Click Safe and blocked sender
  4. Click Safe senders
  5. Write and click add to list

Other companies:

You can modify your spam or bulk folder clicking options in your email account.

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